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Ah! So I had guessed it right. Want to know what guesswork I am talking about?

Well, since the time I enrolled at Digital Deepak Internship Program, i.e. on 5th Feb, I was wondering what the first assignment would be? And it was my assumption that it would start with writing an article as a warm-up. Because that is the least each of the interns can do.

Learn – Do – Teach

It’s always so exciting to learn something new about digital marketing as it has almost become the base of marketing today. Learning and exploring new things is a never-ending process. And hence as a key takeaway point of my first session, I am here to keep the flow of LEARN >> DO >> TEACH process active and alive.

Let’s get into the fact of what I learned. The points are very relevant to any niche you happen to be. And yes, the good news is you can expand your network marketing business as well, using digital marketing.

Setting the Goal is Finding the GOLD

No matter where you are, who you are and where you want to be, you have to have a Goal. Without a goal, you will not be able to take action. Without taking action you will not be able to identify your path. Your actions should be in line with the goal you want to reach. Your actions will lead you to the path that you need to walk to reach your destination. Take a baby step one at a time. But to put that one step ahead is very important to stay focused on reaching your goal. You know as they say, “To reach somewhere you have to start somewhere”.


We are all born with the capability to communicate. Communication has led us to where we are today and wherever we will be in the future. Just the point is, we need to hone it as per our requirement from time to time. 

A decade back, newspapers, television, and radio used to be the dominant advertising mediums. But today the internet is ruling and has become the platform to reach the majority of people. Communication was there a decade back, it still exists today. The only difference is technology has advanced and so has our way of communicating with people. 

So upgrading and improving communication skill is always required to stay updated with the channel/medium people are using. Once you have the skill, the medium will not matter much. You can adapt them at ease. 

Content is COX

Content is the pilot of your communication for any medium you use. It drives your business in the right direction, helps to build relations, expresses emotions and even can create a commotion. So playing with words and using them appropriately can bang on the game you are playing. That is why it is said, ‘words once delivered cannot be taken back as it holds that much strength to make or break anything out there’. Whether it’s something you speak to someone or you write about something, the content stands pivot. Content can act as the bridge to communicate a message or can even misinterpret your information.

Integrated Digital Marketing is the best way to mix and blend content using different formats to reach the desired customers. While content remains at the center, it encompasses other forms such as email marketing, paid advertising, search engine optimization and social media marketing. Each and everyone is interlinked to content marketing because it is the steering wheel of any campaign.

Learn how to use content in different platform of digital marketing from Sanjay Shenoy

Content Marketing Mastery Course

Expansion means opportunity

We are in the 2020s and we are grateful that today there are ocean of opportunities to follow our passion. We have the privilege to select from unlimited options in all spheres of our life. Be its career, be it’s our job, there are always choices we are given today unlike our parents, where there were limited options and very limited opportunities. Even think about our food choices or fashion we follow; there the options are also vast. 

Basically we are at the time when expansion has begun in our society. And Expansion creates opportunity. So, now it’s your choice on how you leverage the opportunity you get and again that will decide your expansion, your growth in life. 

A Bit of Economics

Demand and Supply is the primary thing to understand in economics. As long as the line of demand and supply remains variable, there will always be opportunities in the market to expand. It cannot be a uniform line that indicates death just like our heartbeat.

Look for the niche where there is demand or where there is less supply. Create Solutions that make a difference to the existing problem. Think both at a smaller scale and then strategically dive into the bigger picture.

The Bulb on Moment

An important point I learned is that Debt is good.

Till I attended the session, I never thought of the broader picture of the point explained briefly by Deepak Kanakaraju. I always focus on how to become financially free, but the point of debt explained by Deepak Sir gained me some confidence that I might also add some value to the country’s economy considering I have some debt taken for my business purpose.

He explained that debt is creating money in the country’s economy. The bank always maintains a Cash Reserve Ratio as a rule and lends out the greater chunk of money on an interest which is in return an earning for the bank. The loan amount gets circulated through people who use the money for different purposes and that money starts expanding within the economy in the form of debt and interest. This process helps the amount of cash circulation in the growth of the economy. And when debts are paid back, the economy starts shrinking.

However, there is good debt and bad debt concept. Good debt is the kind of investment that will fuel your long term income while bad debt is the one that is used to purchase things that lose its value with time.

For example, consider you have taken a loan of 15k rupees; Investing in the Digital Deepak Internship program or Digital Deepak Courses can be considered as a good debt as it will fuel your digital marketing knowledge and will offer you the earning opportunity in the long run. While buying unnecessary materialistic things like clothes, shoes and watches can be your bad debt as the value will depreciate once you use it.

Please do consider the difference and have proper clarity on the positive part of the point discussed.

Be your own Brand

Branding is very important to scale your business in the long run. To do so, the most important factor is TRUST. You need to build trust by adding value and quality to your product and services.

For example, I have enrolled in the Digital Deepak Internship program trusting Deepak sir’s value that he adds to his courses. I do not know Deepak Sir personally, but he has built a trust with his brand name and thereby able to scale his business. has ample of articles and posts on various aspects of digital marketing that has helped me gain knowledge and aid in finding marketing solution on the digital platform.

Growth is inevitable if you are able to build trust in anything you work on. Until and unless you have a chit scam plan, trust remains the base to strengthen your business in the long run. No matter what the scenario is, people are there to buy  your services and products if you add value to their lives.

How Funnel works in Digital Marketing

Once your potential customers start consuming your content in the form of email, blogs, messages, videos, podcasts, etc., they start getting attracted to your funnel. Once they are in your funnel you can filter their specific requirement and offer a specialized solution for which they are willing to pay. As you offer a solution to their problem, they start depending on you to add value to the trust they have put on you. While everyone in the funnel will not turn out to be your business, there will be a tribe of people who will continue to repeat your paid services and going forward will also bring new business for you as referrals.

That is how the funnel works and your business scale in the long run. And that is the joy of Digital marketing.

To Conclude

I hope I am able to brief you on how digital marketing can help you grow your own self, your network and your business following some steps and guidelines that works irrespective of any business you are in.

Recommended Books

Some Books that have helped me to improvise in different aspects. Hope it will help you too.

  1. Learn How to win friend and influence people by Dale Carnegie
  2. Learn Goal setting from the book The Secret by Rhonda Byrne
  3. Learn to Think and Grow Rich by Napoleon Hill
  4. An amazing book to set the right mindset about Money. Rich dad Poor Dad by Robert T. Kiyosaki
  5. A real guide to understanding what is financial freedom. Cashflow Quadrant by Robert T. Kiyosaki

N.B.: These are affiliate links and I will be entitled to a commission if you purchase from the given links.

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